Noel & Tricia Richards Latest email for Easter

Easter Radio Show on UCB2
Easter Song Selection
Noel & Tricia's Great European Rail Journey

Hi Paul,

We thought we would send you a brief news update for this Easter weekend, with a few things we are sure will be of interest.

Our Easter Show on UCB Radio - Good Friday
On Good Friday (April 14th), Wayne Drain and ourselves will be presenting a three hour long Easter Show on UCB Radio. We will be sharing some of our favourite songs and stories and performing a live acoustic song. The show will run from 1pm until 4pm (UK time) and you can listen to it anywhere in the world, on UCB2 online or via the UCB App which you can download from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon. We hope you enjoy our show. Happy Easter.
Easter Song Selection
This is the weekend when we remember that Jesus Christ defeated sin and death for all humankind. We have highlighted the following six songs with an Easter theme, on Noel's website player. Enjoy and Happy Easter!
1 You Laid Aside Your Majesty
2 All Heaven Declares 
3 Because He Lives 
4 He Has Risen 
5 Jesus Christ (All My Love) 
6 Overwhelmed By Love 
Noel & Tricia's Great European Rail Journey - May 2017
We are continuing to work on our schedule for this trip, which will take us to Spain - Oliva & Barcelona; France - Cerbere, Marseille, Monaco & Paris; Italy - Milan & Como; Switzerland - Chur, Bern, Glarus & Rheineck; Germany - Frankfurt, Hannover, Bielefeld & Fallersleben.


6th May - Calpe, Spain  (provisional)
10th May - Marseille, France (provisional)
13th May - Milan, Italy
16th May - Bern, Switzerland
17th May - Bern, Switzerland
19th May - Glarus, Switzerland

20th May - Rheineck, Switzerland
23rd May - Frankfurt, Germany
25th May - Hannover, Germany
26th May - Bielefeld, Germany
27th May - Fallersleben, Germany



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