Memorials to Loved Ones

A fund raising service for local people to remember family members that they have lost. I saw these padlocks in city of culture 2017 Hull. Personally I think it is a great idea. All the church has to do is provide a suitable metal grid [happens I can get the very thing required for a small donation] and members of the public have a brass padlock engraved with the details of the person they wish to have a memorial for and then padlock the lock to the church grid. They leave us a key and every so often we take the locks off - clean and polish and then replace. Yes we are bound to get some people who will get a lock, engrave it, put it on our grid and offer no donation. We will have to wear that as we cannot be disrespectful to lost loved ones. Despite this small draw back I still think it is an idea that we should consider, agree to and implement. But hey ho! Thats just my opinion.


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