Forming a House Group

House Groups

House Groups are traditionally a Methodist 'thing'. Originally they were called 'class meetings' and each church member was expected to attend a class led by their 'class leader'. Things have changed considerably over the years, but house groups are still an important part of the church of today. No two house groups will be exactly the same. In fact, there is likely to be quite a bit of variety, and that is good.

The focus could be on Bible Study, on Prayer, on living the Christian life in today's world, or on something else that either interests or worries the group. Material used will differ, the way the groups are run will differ, but the aims of the groups will always be the same.

When we come together as a House Group we do that because we want to deepen our faith and because we want to learn more about our faith, from the Bible, from other books and resources and from each other. We will want to give time to sharing - sharing concerns about ourselves, our family and friends, our church and the world. A time of prayer gives opportunity for this.

And so House Groups will become caring, supportive fellowships in which each member is greatly valued.


what do the congregation think of forming our own HMC house group?

All that is needed is motive, means and opportunity and we could be prosecuted and found guilty. [a cryptic comment for the family to think about]