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September Meeting

U3A 'Creative Writing' September meeting.

Just the four members at this meeting. One of the group is definitely on Holiday and the other member is as well, though we don't know when she is back. Basically, after the long Summer break we got reacquainted and each read our 2,500 max word stories that we had been 'cooking up' in our odd hours and moments since we last met. We had paired up and already provided feedback to our respective partners and so to finish this off we each read our efforts. 

The four stories were the result of a 'blurb' [book cover description] that we had written as part of our July exercises. So dies were cast and wheels set in motion BUT the end results were still unpredictable and very different. One of our number had worked on an intricate robbery in which an accomplice conned everyone involved in it and emergerged as the stories main protagonist evil bitch.

Another of us produced a historical fiction filled with intrigue and secrecy in an attempt by Queen Victorias foreign office to prevent war with Prussia [later to become the Deucher Republik of WW1 + The Great War + WW2 infamy], gripping stuff indeed. Who would have thought that a several million dead soldiers lives depended on a nanny teaching a young child english!

Rebecca's liver had failed and her life depended on the transplant from a probably Australian half-sister who never knew of each others existence until the donor search had begun in earnest.

Our last story was about a guy that had done 'time' in order to protect a lady [which he admired from afar] that he suspected of being guilty of the murder of the local's landlord, who mysterious tripped down the beer cellar stairs.

We had a very enriching morning of entertainment which ran a bit over time but it was well worth it. If yoy fancy joining us we have two spaces to fill as eight members is our ideal maximum. Ring 01430 436542 and talk to Paul and tell him what you like to sit and write.