Lights on: Albus 1.1 is live! 💡✨ 'Group Insights' and more…

Lights on: Albus 1.1 is live! 💡✨ 'Group Insights' and more…

27 feb 2024

27 feb 2024

The new version is here with more powerful insights and a better experience!

The most significant update happened on the ‘Ask anything’ feature. Now, you can select multiple PDFs/images/web articles to ask for insights and extract information.

What’s new?

  • ‘Group insights’ are asking questions to multiple:
    - Images
    - Text blocks/user notes

    - Audio files (coming soon)

  • Faster loading

  • Improved localisation

  • Switch between your boards

Get overarching insights at once.

Select multiple PDF files, pick ‘Ask Anything’ on the menu, and tell what you want to know. You can ask for a summary or common points mentioned across all. Depending on the content you provide, you can get many different insights.

Ask for insights from multiple PDF files
at the same time.

Compositions from various visuals.

Albus can interpret multiple images placed on a board. You can ask for a short story, a common theme, or a brand-new scene based on the overall essence.Select all the images you want to include and click ‘Ask Anything’ on the menu to tell Albus your wish.

Select multiple images and ask Albus to imagine a new scene using them.

TLDR? Copy and paste on Albus and ask.

You can also put web articles on your Albus board when doing research. Like extracting critical insights from various PDFs at once, place some web URLs and ask anything!

Generate executive summaries and extract key insights & quotes 
from multiple web articles.

Explore, learn and create with Albus⚡️📚🎨

Albus is great for boosting your self-learning, research and creative sessions. With SDXL, Stable Video Diffusion, GPT-4 Turbo, Vision, DALL-E 3, ElevenLabs Audio, Google’s Gemini Pro Vision and Gemini Pro, you’ve got the most powerful generative AI toolset in one place!

Harness the power of visual canvas powered by advanced AI models. There is no need for separate subscriptions and shuttling between apps, just Albus, with no fuss.

Our best,
Albus team.