Unlock full image intelligence 👁️👁️✨ GPT-4 Vision & Gemini Pro Vision

Unlock full image intelligence 👁️👁️✨ GPT-4 Vision & Gemini Pro Vision

6 feb 2024

6 feb 2024

Images can tell a lot if you ask good questions. Now, you can use the most advanced image intelligence technologies with your Albus subscription.

GPT-4 Vision leverages advanced natural language processing and deep learning algorithms to interpret visuals in an enhanced context, providing high-quality text and content.

On the other hand, Google Gemini Pro Vision utilises state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision techniques to identify visual content accurately, paving the way for innovative applications in image recognition, augmented reality, and visual search.

Experience both in Albus now!

Let photos inspire your writing.

With its renowned natural language processing power, GPT-4 Vision can extract the essence of an image and create high-quality content.

Storytelling sparked by snapshots:
Power of natural language processing.

Explain the science behind it.

Upload an image and delve into what lies beneath a phenomenon or a technology.

Visual learners can harness the power of GPT-4 Vision on Albus.

Identify the events in detail.

Thanks to its robust synergy with Google’s web index, Gemini Pro Vision can comprehensively identify events shown in images.

Gemini Pro Vision identifies objects, emotions, spatial info, and significant events in images.

Get help with time travel.

Time travel could get tricky, so asking for some advice might be a good idea.

Time travel? Albus can help 🙂

Explore, learn and create with Albus⚡️📚🎨

Albus is great for boosting your self-learning, research and creative sessions. With SDXL, Stable Video Diffusion, GPT-4 Turbo, Vision, DALL-E 3, ElevenLabs Audio, and now Google’s Gemini Pro Vision, you’ve got the most powerful generative AI toolset in one place!

Harness the power of visual canvas powered by advanced AI models. There is no need for separate subscriptions and shuttling between apps, just Albus, with no fuss.

Our best,
Albus team.