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There is a lot going on at this time. The church Anniversary is coming up soon and this is always a joyful event. Another year gone, and despite pesimistic predictions 2 to 3 years ago, we are still here!! We praise God for that. He keeps sending new people that join us, stay and become active church members. 

 the original HMC







A potted church history.

"The first Sunday School building was erected in 1842, on the land where our premises now stand. The 'Chapel house' at the gate was just behind the present railings which looked out onto Hailgate, the house was demolished along with the old Sunday School premises. The foundation stones to the present building we worship in were laid on 27th June 1923. The plans for the new school building were drawn up by Messrs. Chambers & Mitchell of Howden.

The building we now worship in had extensive alterations which cost £4500 - The opening and dedication of the new 'Howden Methodist Church' was on 12th May 1971 at 4pm.

Our Grandfather Mr Arthur Ward, Senior Trustee, was given the keys to open the door and the service of dedication was conducted by the Rev Peter Kerridge, Chairman of the York and Hull District. The sermon was preached by the Rev John Jackson (of Nottingham) who had previously been a minister at Howden. Later on in his ministry Rev John Jackson was well known for his programme on BBC Radio called 'It was on a Monday morning'.

After the service a tea folowed in The Shire Hall, Market Place Howden - then an evening Rally where Rev Jackson was the Chairman.

The Hymns were All people that on earth do dwell - Our father by whose servant our house was built of old - Spirit Devine attend our prayers - O thou that camest from above - Captain of Israel's host, and guide.

It was through a Baptist minister called Rev Dr Bebb who lived in Howden , suggested one winters night we worship in the Sunday School room (where coffee is now served). The wooden pulpit rail was carried across from the church , a reading desk with a cloth - and seats placed around it. Every one commented how much more better it was worshipping in a small area, as well as being considerably warmer. It was from this point that the work and the planning started to move the church congregation where morning and evening worship is now held.

The old church with a gallery balcony, which stood where the car park presently is was demolished somewhere about 1970? The pipe organ was removed, re-built and used in a church at Sheffield."

Anne & Elizabeth (Ward)

We are going to have a new kitchen fitted by HOWDEN JOINERY, the work starts in July and will provide us with a lot of new facilities which our very basic existing one just doesn't. The old kitchen has served us well though, but when you are trying to produce 70 meals it just does not cut it. 

Other news:- 

our Minister The Rev Sue Pegg is fit again following her hip operation and hopefully is back on 'full active service' very shortly.

We have welcomed an Autism Care Home to use the church as a venue for inter home social events. The groups envisage music, dance and a meal during which those in care can meet other people from nearby homes. We hope to give detail of their inaugral meeting soon. Autism affects a lot of families that have members on the low end of the spectrum. Sometimes its difficult to understand what goes on in their lives at times and it might be nice for affected parties to chat to an experience carer working in the field of Autism to gain some insight.

Some of our congregation mentioned that they had difficulty getting in and out of chairs that were 'armless' our  chairs were deemed armfull by them. We bought 8 chairs that were fully armed and they are deployed amongst the existing ones :-)  Do come and try one out for comfort soon.

Following our Howden leaflet drop we secured a lot of visitors to the church and a few of them stayed on to become regular attenders. We praise God for sending them and pray for the return of the ones that for whatever reason didn't stay.

The Cross lighting seems to have had another gremlin attack it. One theory is that whilst building the new houses opposite the church, the mains was turned on and off a few times and the 'spikes' generated by that, blew our LEDs. We are looking at replacing the LEDs for the third time [its not easy the cross is held together by over a hundred mico self tapping screws] and thanks to a helpful suggestion fitting an anti surge protection device to the 12volt supply will prevent this damage happening again.

if there is anyone that you love that is in need of prayers by the church please contact Rev Sue Pegg by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just pop in and see us on Sunday. Service starts at 10am finishes at 11am and we stay for chat and tea or coffee until 12 ish. 

IHS Paul.

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Every Sunday at 10am is Morning Service

Howden Methodist Church
DN14 7SL

other social events

tea pot is on Wednesday 2:30 to 4:00 pm

coffee morning is 2nd Saturday in the month @ 10am to Noon

see our church notice board if you are passing by.

EVERYONE will be warmly welcomed.

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IMG 6768The sermon that explained a right relationship with God. Upto 1979 when I heard this marvellous sermon God was an awesome distant deity that dictated his edicts to specially selected men that appeared to wear their white shirts back to front. The dog collared elite. in 1978 I suffered a series of personal tradgedies and towards the end of 1978 was at the end of my tether. By May 79 I was very receptive to the Pastor of East Ham baptist church. His message was God wants a real relationship with each and every one of his flock. Humphrey told us it was okay to love God, which we thought we did anyway. Not so! he argued and his logic was sound. Ask 100 people what the opposite of Love is and 95 of them will tell you that its opposite is Hate. Not so said Pastor V. The opposite of Love is indifference. The good samaritan was the one that loved his neighbour whereas the levite and the Priest could not have cared any less about the fate of the man who had been attacked and robbed. HV then went on to say that to hate was okay. "At least you feel something for the person - the worst thing ever is for someone to badly upset you and you feel nothing in response. Nothing worse for God than a never changing indifferent silence .  When life has dealt you "a few rough cards". Love & Hate have the same opposite... indifference. Love and Hate Pastor Vellacott proclaimed were but two sides of the same coin. In any genuine relationship there were highs and lows and swings from Love to Hate. My anger and frustrations poured out of me that night as I regalied God with real anger about everything bad that had happened to me. When my venom hate and anger finally ran out of steam and I became feeling much calmer I am absolutely convinced and 100% certain that a voice very close by said to me "at last you break your stony silence, it is wonderful to hear from you after all this time." What a lesson, when I love God I sing, praise, worship and feel real joy, when things happen that are dire and gloomy in life I hate what God has let happen and I pray, plead and wressle with Him until things come right and life is good again. Passion is what God wants from us, the law written in our hearts, our Love and Hate for Him clearly displayed. Don't just stop here though. It is okay to Love and Hate your parent, husband, wife, sister, brother, child - never be indifferent to them. Never. Treat God and family exactly in the same fashion. Your passion will be greatly admired and respected as nothing will be a lie in any of your relationships. Better than that everyone will know that you care!! Indifference is an unholy barren lonely foresaken place to be. Jesus called from just before his death "my god, why have you foresaken [been indifferent] to me?" I leave you to ponder "Who is asking this very same question of you?"


l have failed to report this Sermon with the same conviction, passion & faith as the Reverand Humphey Vellacott did BUT it is a major influence on my lifes thinking and actions for forty odd years and I hope I have captured enough of its message to get you thinking, inspired and reflecting on how your own life is going.


God bless, I do the odd service at the Methodist Church but my message is never greater than this one!!

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IMG 6773

No instructions. No 'here is what you do.' No 'Just £2 a month could... ' just a question.

" be honest, can you be bothered to find out how you could help? "

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Easter Radio Show on UCB2
Easter Song Selection
Noel & Tricia's Great European Rail Journey

Hi Paul,

We thought we would send you a brief news update for this Easter weekend, with a few things we are sure will be of interest.

Our Easter Show on UCB Radio - Good Friday
On Good Friday (April 14th), Wayne Drain and ourselves will be presenting a three hour long Easter Show on UCB Radio. We will be sharing some of our favourite songs and stories and performing a live acoustic song. The show will run from 1pm until 4pm (UK time) and you can listen to it anywhere in the world, on UCB2 online or via the UCB App which you can download from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon. We hope you enjoy our show. Happy Easter.
Easter Song Selection
This is the weekend when we remember that Jesus Christ defeated sin and death for all humankind. We have highlighted the following six songs with an Easter theme, on Noel's website player. Enjoy and Happy Easter!
1 You Laid Aside Your Majesty
2 All Heaven Declares 
3 Because He Lives 
4 He Has Risen 
5 Jesus Christ (All My Love) 
6 Overwhelmed By Love 
Noel & Tricia's Great European Rail Journey - May 2017
We are continuing to work on our schedule for this trip, which will take us to Spain - Oliva & Barcelona; France - Cerbere, Marseille, Monaco & Paris; Italy - Milan & Como; Switzerland - Chur, Bern, Glarus & Rheineck; Germany - Frankfurt, Hannover, Bielefeld & Fallersleben.


6th May - Calpe, Spain  (provisional)
10th May - Marseille, France (provisional)
13th May - Milan, Italy
16th May - Bern, Switzerland
17th May - Bern, Switzerland
19th May - Glarus, Switzerland

20th May - Rheineck, Switzerland
23rd May - Frankfurt, Germany
25th May - Hannover, Germany
26th May - Bielefeld, Germany
27th May - Fallersleben, Germany



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