Dive into the play: 🧱🏠🤓 Visual discovery with Albus.

Dive into the play: 🧱🏠🤓 Visual discovery with Albus.

4 Mar 2024

4 Mar 2024

OK, we start with a riddle this time, and here are some clues:

  • Everyone loves it – from kids to grannies.

  • It’s usually kept in boxes under beds.

  • The more it gets messier, the more it’ll be fun.

  • Kids are certainly better at it.


Try ‘Dynamic’ when exploring a topic.

Although the little ones are absolute winners on this, adults can and should play with Lego bricks for many reasons. Click ‘Dynamic’ on the toolbar and start with a request like this:

“List some example videos about Lego play for adults, search for Lego build images, and an action plan to start a Lego group for grown-ups.”

See ‘Dynamic’ on the toolbar (or on the right-click menu).

Start exploring with a single wish.

Use the ‘Dynamic’ feature to get multiple tasks done at once. Albus generates separate content blocks corresponding to each part of your request simultaneously. Here, we have an image gallery from a contextual web search, a topic breakdown, and a list of YouTube videos.

Image and YouTube search results in context.

Ask for answers from YouTube videos.

Get what you want to know from a YouTube video, which is listed based on your request, and Albus will respond with to-the-point information if it’s mentioned in the content. You can also summarise what’s spoken and download the video transcript with timestamps.

Get your answers from a YouTube video directly.

Further your research with topic breakdown.

You can continue exploring a topic from a point that particularly grabs your attention. Select and highlight information on a content block, and click the ‘Breakdown’ icon on the menu. Albus will open it up with seven subtopics in a new thread, so your train of thought will develop with each click.

Contextual mind maps will develop as you continue exploring a topic.

Explore, learn and create with Albus⚡️📚🎨

Albus is great for boosting your self-learning, research and creative sessions. With SDXL, Stable Video Diffusion, GPT-4 Turbo, Vision, DALL-E 3, ElevenLabs Audio, Google’s Gemini Pro Vision and Gemini Pro, you’ve got the most powerful generative AI toolset in one place!

Harness the power of visual canvas powered by advanced AI models. There is no need for separate subscriptions and shuttling between apps, just Albus, with no fuss.

Our best,
Albus team.