Use both at their best: Stable Diffusion vs DALL-E 3 📸🎨🧐

Use both at their best: Stable Diffusion vs DALL-E 3 📸🎨🧐

16 Oca 2024

16 Oca 2024

SDXL and DALL-E 3 are brilliant at creating captivating images, and you can access both in your subscription! So it’s good to know their strengths and pick the right one at the right time.

The annual plan immediately provides all 12 months’ worth of allowances with unlimited SDXL generations and 600 DALL-E 3 images.

DALL-E, Dali?

Salvador Dali was one of the greatest iconoclasts in art and, of course, the first name when it comes to surrealism. As the name suggests, DALL-E 3 has a strong imagination and a bold style, which leads to more ‘dramatic’ images. Plus, it has GPT-4 running in the background, so its handling of prompts is more promising right now. So, if you need eye-capturing representations that inspire, consider using DALL-E 3 first.

When creating an image with DALL-E 3, leave the style option at ‘Dynamic’ to get results with some ‘spice’ added in its original way. However, trying out different styles on it might be a stimulating experiment.

Power of storytelling with DALL-E 3.

Logo design concepts

Typography is essential in logo design work and is one of the most challenging parts of generating images with AI. DALL-E 3 is the current winner of this competition for now, with its capability of handling the prompted text elements in the desired style. Let’s see an example below.

Prompt: 'Create an energetic logo for a new york style pizza take away, HUNGERRR!, fast delivery, late opening hours, urban looking, chef figure, catchy colours, fewer visual elements.

Prompt: ‘Logo design for a florist shop, big text 'EDEN', exotic flowers, bright and saturated colours, round shaped.’

Book, podcast and article covers

One of the best potential use cases of DALL-E 3 might be creating dramatic cover images for various forms of content, like cover images for e-books, audibles, podcasts, and web articles. With a 600-image creation allowance, your annual Albus subscription gives you room to produce a lot!

Prompt: ‘Poster, type 'DRAGON' in red, a suspicious looking woman on front, two man with suits on the back, urban background, night.’

Prompt: 'Poster, type 'HOP ON' in yellow, London city tour, famous London landmarks in the background, a double-decker tour bus on the centre as the biggest visual, catchy colours.’

Mastering the photorealistic look: SDXL

Imitating a talented photographer by only typing is hard, and Stable Diffusion XL lets you do this! Thanks to its open-source model and creators’ efforts, it’s capable of applying different kinds of light and compositions and even mimics renowned names in photography.

Prompt: ‘Woman age 20s, 1930s on street in Istanbul. Retro style photo. Focus camera on face woman.’

Cinematic action or fashion editorial?🏃🏼‍♀️ 📸
All sorted for you.

On top of everything, creating with SDXL is even more comfortable in Albus than any other interface. 159 pre-set visual styles, including all the primary art forms and photography categories, are at your fingertips to try with a single click. Product shots, volumetric lights, fashion and food editorials, handcrafts, video games, famous forms in painting and more!

Practice makes it perfect, so try as much as you want until you get the desired results with unlimited SDXL creations in Albus. Pick the suitable style and focus on the scene you imagine.

Cinematic action style and ratio with SDXL.

Fashion editorial style in widescreen ratio with SDXL.

Food editorial style in widescreen ratio with SDXL.

Explore, learn and create with Albus ⚡️📚🎨

Albus is great for boosting your self-learning, research and creative sessions. With SDXL, GPT-4 Turbo, Vision, DALL-E 3 and ElevenLabs Audio, you’ve got the most powerful generative AI toolset in one place!

Harness the power of visual canvas powered by advanced AI models. There is no need for separate subscriptions and shuttling between apps, just Albus, with no fuss.

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