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  • Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

  • 人生は自転車に乗るようなものです。 バランスを保つためには動き続けなければなりません.

  • Hayat bisiklete binmek gibidir. Dengenizi korumak için hareket etmeye devam etmelisiniz.

  • الحياة مثل ركوب الدراجة. لتحافظ علي توزانك يجب ان تواصل التحرك.

  • La vie, c'est comme faire du vélo. Pour garder votre équilibre, vous devez continuer à bouger.

  • La vida es como andar en bicicleta. Para mantener tu balance debes seguír moviéndote.

  • 生活就像骑自行车。 为了保持平衡,您必须不断移动。


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Minco the mouse.txt


The camera shows a wall on one of the underground subway platforms. With a weary motion, a middle-aged man is affixing a new movie poster to the large billboard. Right next to him, we notice an excited mouse watching him. The camera slowly focuses on the mouse. Then we see the dreamy look on the mouse's face. It watches the film poster, mesmerized. Then it looks up at the man and we see it panic. Now the camera shows the man’s face. At first, he does not understand, then his eyebrows furrow. He grabs the mop standing on the edge of the board with resentment.

At that moment, we turn back to Minco. The little mouse looks bewildered, sensing the approaching danger. Suddenly, it turns and starts to run. It dashes along the platform and enters the first hole it sees in the wall. We watch it run, swiftly moving through pipes and puddles. When it goes down another layer, it traverses a narrow, long corridor-like marketplace made up of opposing stalls. It's as if we can hear its rapid heartbeat. Other mice it encounters on the way look at it with laughter.

At one point in the corridor, it encounters another mouse. Leyla turns to it and says, "Hey Minco, what’s up?" but Minco keeps running without listening. Finally, at the end of the corridor, it sees a door and enters. Inside, we encounter an older mouse. Minco's mother exclaims, "Where have you been?" But Minco quickly enters another room, closes the door, and leans against it, breathing rapidly. We first see Minco's "teenage room," cobbled together from scavenged items, in a wide shot. Then we focus on Minco's face. After saying "Whew!" his breathing slows, and a sincere, dreamy smile appears on his face.

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Minco's mysterious tale

In a subway, a mouse named Minco flees an unknown menace, racing through a clandestine world, hinting at a greater mystery afoot.


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Is creativity a fast or slow process? According to the idiom, ideas strike, just like lightning. And when I think of some of the great artists from history and today, it seems that speed is sometimes essential.

When Jackson Pollock prowled around his canvas, dripping paint from a pot, he did so in a spirit of headlong spontaneity. It couldn’t have been possible otherwise.

If paint is going to be sloshed, flicked and splattered, it has to be done with an assertive, insistent hand. Likewise, when Jack Kerouac typed furiously on a single, unbroken ream of paper 120-feet long, the resulting On the Road was a stream-of-consciousness eruption.

Creative Sparks: The Speed of Innovation

Is creativity a fast or slow process? According to the idiom, ideas strike, just like lightning. And when I think of some of the great artists from history and today…


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Dragon's eye, a masterpiece

The centrepiece, a colourful dragon with wings, was depicted in intricate detail. The craftsman's skill illuminated the dragon through a stunning mosaic of colours, its vibrant presence captured on a yellow rectangular panel framed with thin black lines. This was no ordinary work, but a large stained-glass window. It dominated the city cathedral with hypnotic allure, especially its central feature - an up-close view of the dragon's eye, so carefully crafted that it seemed startlingly real, a watchful overseer of the city.


Albus, image generation with AI, SDXL, cubism, contextual image support


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